Two-Headed Animals: Ones Dies, Another is Born

On the weirder side of the news, today we mourn the death of the oldest two-headed cat, Frank and Louie, while simultaneously celebrating the birth of a two headed salamander, Arne and Sebastian. 

APTOPIX Two Faced Cat
Two-headed cat, Louie and Frank, died last week at the age of 15 (photo: Huffpost)

Arne and Sebastian are an environmental anomaly, born from a mother taken from the wild and being studied in the lab. “Both heads move, Blaustein said, but so far, scientists have seen only one preying upon a salamander baby’s favorite meal, insect larvae. Blaustein gave the heads their names to honor two German scientists, Arne Nolte and Sebastian Steinfartz, with whom he collaborates on studying fire salamander ecology.” Louie and Frank, the longest living two-headed cat, died last week at the age of 15. 


To see a video about the death of Louie and Frank, click here. For the article about the birth of the two headed salamander and the science behind it, click here