Brooklyn tattoo artists inks dog

YellowLabradorLooking_newWhile his dog was under anesthesia after a spleen surgery, Brooklyn based tattoo artist known only as Mistah Metro tattooed a heart with the words Alex and Mel in ribbon across his dog’s shoulder. The incident has since sparked outrage across the internet from tattoo artists and animal lovers alike, according to an article in NY Daily News. 

“Mistah Metro, who didn’t immediately respond to an email from the Daily News, works at Red Legged Devil, a tattoo shop in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn,” the article reads.


The owner of Red Legged Devil tattoo shop, an Metro’s boss, refused to admit any wrongdoing on behalf of his employee. Instead, he insisted that the internet was overreacting and that this was no different than the tattoos the ASPCA gives their animals after neutering and spaying them.

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