The internet and its role in education


American education holds a long standing tradition of viewing the children within it as products to be assembled, conditioned and quality tested, according to a new article by WIRED writer Joshua Davis. 

Davis writes about a young girl at the José Urbina López Primary School in Matamoros, Mexico and her elementary school teacher Sergio Juárez Correa. Juárez Correa found that the students in his class were becoming bored with the government mandated curriculum, but that their potential was being wasted. According to Davis, this same problem faces the industrial-era education system here in America. A problem which, as Juárez Correa found with his class, could be addressed with the introduction of a more modern, communication orientated education.


“That logic is inexorable: Access to a world of infinite information has changed how we communicate, process information, and think. Decentralized systems have proven to be more productive and agile than rigid, top-down ones. Innovation, creativity, and independent thinking are increasingly crucial to the global economy,” Davis writes.

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