Relationships: CSU’s weekly couple

Holly Darrah

As we all know, long-distance relationships can be hard, especially with school and work preoccupying a majority of a student’s time.  This week, I set out to find someone at Colorado State University who would be willing to let me see how hard it is for them to be in a long-distance relationship.

I found Nicole Leckenby and Michael Kohler. Nicole is a freshman ecosystem science and sustainability major and Michael is a 21-year-old living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  Here’s a Q&A about their relationship. They’ve been together for four months.


Q: Where did you two meet?

Nicole: At Devan’s 21st birthday party.

Q: Is it hard being in a long-distance relationship?

Nicole and Michael
(Via Nicole Leckenby.)

Nicole: Yes, unless you can find a system that works for seeing each other and talking.

Michael: They can be — just have to communicate and work through it. 

Q: What are your favorite things about each other?

Nicole: We get along. We always have a good time, and he is easy to talk to. He is funny, and it’s just effortless. 

Michael: We get along. She’s easy to talk to. (*Laughs*) I thought she was hot, too. She makes me laugh and has a great personality.

Q: What advice would you give to other students?

Michael: Be faithful, honest, make time for them. 


Nicole: Be faithful, follow through with plans, even if it’s hard. Remind them that you miss and love them often. When you can’t see each other, talk on the phone.

If you and your special someone would like to be interviewed next, or if you have any advice for long-distance relationships, comment down below.

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