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Check out Yeti Cave for a community workout like never before. Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Yeti Cave CrossFit

Active Lifestyles: P.E. for adults

Hayley Blackburn November 29, 2016

On the north end of College, just past Jax Outdoors Sports and across from the Serious Texas BBQ, I discovered a new type of gym and workout: Yeti Cave CrossFit. The cave, founded by Nate Seitz, opened...

Active Lifestyles: Have your turkey and eat it too

Active Lifestyles: Have your turkey and eat it too

Hayley Blackburn November 24, 2016

Hands up if you love mashed potatoes. How about pumpkin pie? Two hands up if Thanksgiving means wearing stretchy pants to fit the food baby that inevitably comes to term. Embed from Getty Images   Now,...

Begin with the weights at your shoulders and push upwards. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn

Active Lifestyles: A 20-minute workout – No excuses

Hayley Blackburn November 23, 2016

Between classes, study groups, beers at the Skellar and work, sometimes it feels like there is simply no time to hit the gym. To be honest, this is a lie. Of course, I don't hit the gym EVERY DAY. Sometimes...

Tony Frank walks past the Rec Center windows. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn

Active Lifestyles: Rise of the cardio machines

Hayley Blackburn November 23, 2016

  Every time I walk into the gym, the sounds of treadmills whirring and dumb bells clanking greet me. On the far side at Miramont, the cardio machines rise toward the ceiling on theater-style steps...

Colorado State University freshman James Fisher takes full advantage of the first snow of the year in Fort Collins by using his snowboard on the Lagoon field hill on Thursday afternoon. Several inches of snow fell on Thursday afternoon, and temperatures are predicted to stay in the low 40s for Friday. (Forrest Czarnecki | Collegian)

Active Lifestyles: Fight the winter weight

Hayley Blackburn November 20, 2016

It is cold. Usually, October through April means chilly, snowy weather that makes it difficult to stay active. Who really wants to run outside when the air bites into your lungs? I certainly don't. Who...

Students studying at a cafe table with drinks | Photo courtesy of Static pixels

Active Lifestyles: Exercise as a tool for academic success

Hayley Blackburn November 10, 2016

Sitting in front of the computer or a textbook studying is draining. Period. After several hours in one sedentary position, I can feel my brain and my body turning into mush. The words blur together...

Whether its best friends or complete strangers, CSU students show Gym Etiquette for everyone around them. Photo credit: Christian Johnson

Active Lifestyles: No pain, no gain… literally

Hayley Blackburn November 8, 2016

I did not want to start lifting. I was convinced that cardio was the answer while lifting weights would turn me into a bulky, veiny she-Hulk. As a novice lifter, I did not understand the process, but once...

Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn

Active Lifestyles: Salsa your way to success at Zumba

Hayley Blackburn November 2, 2016

Mr. World-Wide echoes through the speakers. "Now go... now stop... now drop... now PAUSE." Sweat dripping from my brow, I channel my inner Beyoncé to go, stop, drop and pause like I am on stage at a Pitbull...

Dont get tricked by Halloween treats Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Adobe Spark

Active Lifestyles: Hayley’s Halloween Survival Guide

Hayley Blackburn October 25, 2016

For the last month, I have been tempted by the candy section at the grocery store. The goodies marked with ghosts and pumpkins beg me to stray from my goals - however, I know better than to fall for...

You are the controlling factor.

Active Lifestyles: Fitspo – Helpful or harmful to your goals?

Hayley Blackburn October 21, 2016

I am guilty of it. My Pinterest page includes a board filled with fitsporation that keeps me "motivated" to stay on track. I use the term "motivated" loosely because many of the images I have collected...

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