Active Lifestyles: P.E. for adults

Hayley Blackburn

On the north end of College, just past Jax Outdoors Sports and across from the Serious Texas BBQ, I discovered a new type of gym and workout: Yeti Cave CrossFit. The cave, founded by Nate Seitz, opened just a few months ago, but it already has a community of members encouraging each other to reach his or her own potential.

Yeti Cave Sign
The Yeti Cave is nestled among shops at 1642 N. College Avenue. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn

When I walked in for my first fundamental workout, Nate immediately introduced me to the class. Four other members had braved the dark and the cold to learn more about CrossFit at the 7pm Thursday session. I felt comfortable and connected despite never having attended a CrossFit class in my life. Jonathan, the certified coach for the evening, walked us through the plan for the next hour and helped us get to know each other while we warmed up. As it turns out, that sense of community is exactly what Yeti Cave wants for all of its members.


While I was stretching out my arms and preparing to learn how to properly dead-lift, I marveled at the surroundings. I know that sounds cliche, but the gym is a beautiful blend of professional, hardcore and simplistic decor. Nate’s family helped him decorate his dream, and they deserve serious props. A large reception desk welcomes members and checks them in. On the far wall, plenty of cubby holes await your shoes and jackets. The gym even has a shower in the back for your lunch-break workout convenience. Vibrant blue and black stripes along the walls match the brand new equipment and really make the Cave feel like champions are born there. On the back wall, a large American flag hangs as a reminder that we live in a country where hard work meets potential and everyone has the power to find success in themselves.

Under Constructions.jpg
A few months ago Nate was still building his dream. Check out Yeti Cave today to see how it turned out. Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Yeti Cave CrossFit

Coming back down to earth, I watch intently as Jonathan begins demonstrating our lifts for the evening. The instruction is one of the great parts about working out as a group with a trained coach. We all practice the dead-lift with no weight as John walks around and provides advice and adjustments. After everyone has caught on, Jonathan writes our workout on a dry erase board. The ladies are doing 3 sets of 10 dead-lifts, sumo dead-lifts, and sit-ups — the guys, 5 sets.

I breeze through the first few sets and, being one to never let a challenge pass me by, I push on to a fourth. The lone guy in the class and I push each other along. We are racing in an unspoken competition to see who can keep their form while finishing first. Just three more sit-ups to go… and the winner is… a tie! We both hop up, panting and tired, to fist bump. That is the true beauty and potential of Yeti Cave – it is a real community that makes everyone push a little harder.

While we cool down, Jonathan talks a bit more about the classes offered. He describes CrossFit as a P.E. class for adults. Looking around at the jungle gym of pull-up bars, the playground of weight sets and the various tools and toys to help you get fit, I DO feel like I am back in gym class. CrossFit is all about increasing your work output through fundamental movements, something I will explain more in the next edition, but this first session opened my eyes to a new way to work out my body.

Today, I challenge you to Like Yeti Cave on Facebook and stay tuned for Part 2 of my CrossFit experience later this week.

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