The scoop on fall intramural sports during COVID-19

Scott Nies

The coveted intramural league championship t-shirts are going to be few and far between this semester, but not completely out of reach.

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on professional sports, collegiate sports, and every competition level in between. Unfortunately for Rams, IM leagues are not immune. The number and type of intramural sports offered this fall semester show a very different slate in comparison to years past.


While flag football, spike ball, volleyball and numerous other fall fan favorites are not available, maybe this irregular semester will encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and test their athletic abilities on some more unusual proving grounds.

For a full list of intramural sports available and registration details, check out the CSU intramural sports homepage.

Here are the available sports for this fall’s intramural calendar:


Getting peppered by dodgeballs at the Student Recreation Center during your freshman orientation week unfortunately was not something this year’s incoming class was able to enjoy. However, with a few COVID-19 safety tweaks, it looks like IM dodgeball will be available for those looking to brush up on their ability to duck, dip, dive and dodge. 

This year, IM dodgeball games will be four-on-four shootouts with one additional ball retriever allowed per team. Each player will be confined to a pre-lined square in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. If players completely move out of their 4-by-4 foot squares, they will be considered out.

Head shots are not allowed, if an accidental one occurs you will be warned, but if any player is deemed to be throwing at other athlete’s heads intentionally they will be ejected and suspended from future games.

Registration opens on Oct. 5 and ends on Oct. 12, and the season stretches from Oct. 18 to Nov. 5. Each team will have a three week season before moving into single elimination playoffs.

Bags (cornhole)

Without the fall football season, there will be a huge void of fans tossing bags in the parking lots of Canvas Stadium. Luckily, there is still an opportunity to get your fix if you’re looking to send some air mail. 

Although the first registration period closed on Aug. 31, bags operate under two seasons throughout the fall semester. The next registration period starts Oct. 5 and ends Oct. 12 with the season itself spanning from Oct. 18 to Nov. 5. IM bags operates a 2-on-2 format.

All games will be played on the outdoor basketball courts — unless they must be moved inside for weather difficulties — where teams will have the opportunity to advance to single elimination games where eventually a winner will be crowned.


Table Tennis

Table tennis IMs will be packed into a one-night, winner-take-all tournament on court four or the Multipurpose Activity Court section of the Student Recreation Center. Depending on the number of entries, the tournament will be either single or double elimination.

All games will be played to 11 points and participants must win by two. Serves will switch every two points, not the regular five points, due to the shortened nature of the games. This tournament is player-officiated, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the USA Table Tennis rules prior to competition.

Registration for the tournament starts on Nov. 2 and ends on Nov. 8 with the tournament taking place on Nov. 12.

Basketball Skills & Punt, Pass, Kick 

Although not necessarily considered sports, these IM challenges look to highlight your individual skills.

Punt, pass, kick will have competitors trying to get the largest combined distance of all three activities. Each athlete will get three attempts for each activity, with the longest distance being taken and added to the results from the other two activities for a final score. Men will be required to use a regulation size 5 football and women will have the option to use a regulation size 5 football or a junior size 6 football.

Punt, Pass, Kick registration opens Sept. 7 and closes on Sept. 13. The competition will be held on Sept. 24 on IM fields 7-9, directly south of the Moby Sport Complex.

The basketball skills competition will be carried out in the form of a free-throw contest. Contestants will have one chance to shoot 25 free-throws, and the top six scores will advance to the finals.

Registration for the contest opens on Oct. 19 but will be open up to and during both of the preliminary competition nights of Oct. 27 and 29. The finals will be held on Nov. 3.

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