Easy fixes needed for CSU men’s basketball

To be successful in the upcoming games against Nevada and San Diego State, J.J. Avila needs to step back into a scoring position on the court. Avila had nine points in the Rams’ last game, though he averages over 13 points.

An advantage to the Rams offense is the versatility between forward Avila and guard Daniel Bejarano, as well as forward Gerson Santo and guard Jon Octeus. Each player will need to make the simple baskets when able and shoot the threes based on the ability to move the ball fast in the offensive zone. That will be essential to moving ahead of opponents.


In order to excel on the attack, the defense will need to force turnovers and get crucial rebounds in its own territory. Against the Lobos the Rams had 35 boards, 16 of which came from the second half. If CSU can stay consistent from the first minute of play to the last, outcomes will be different in the games to come.

The remaining schedule for the Rams consists of all conference matches, an even split between road and home games. While there is hope CSU can finish in a strong position before the MW tournament in March, it is not anticipated for the Rams to make the national tournament or earn a national rank.


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