A Bold New Era 2.0

With 21 days until the season-opener against the University of Colorado, the Rams are getting all their ducks in a row.

The preview of their brand-new Under Armour uniforms debuted in a YouTube video Friday, and has since garnered nearly 18,000 views.


The video stars senior TE, Austin Grey, sophomore DB, Trent Matthews and junior TE, Kivon Cartwright, modeling the Rams’ game-day gear.

The new training facility boasts a state-of-the-art Hydro Worx pool.
The new training facility boasts a state-of-the-art Hydro Worx pool.

In addition to an upgrade in style, the Rams also received usage of a freshly expanded training facility. At 13,000 square feet, the expansion nearly doubled the size of the old center.

Assistant A.D. for Sports Performance, Terry DeZeeuw explained the benefits the new facility entails, not only for the football team, but across the board of Ram athletics.

“Probably the biggest asset of this room is the hydrotherapy area, we have a Hydro Worx system in our therapy pools,” he says, the only one of it’s kind in Colorado. “We can do 50-percent, 75-percent and 25-percent weight-bearing exercises, agility and plyometrics at a very early stages in the recovery process.”

The new uniforms and improved facilities are all a mark of the new-look Rams. If last season was the christening of “A Bold New Era,” this season is it’s implementation; A Bold New Era remastered.

With Athletic Director, Jack Graham working alongside Tony Frank and Coach Jim McElwain to raise the funds to build an on-campus stadium, and the date set for CSU to take on No. 1 Alabama; the light is shining upon the Rams.

“What I know, the places I’ve been-what it has done for the whole city, the whole atmosphere, it’s hard to explain,” McElwain says. “But that sense of pride, bringing people to our campus – it’s only going to help promote and bring more attention to the treasures of Fort Collins.”

Coach McElwain spends one on one time with senior DL, Calvin Tonga at Saturday's practice.
Coach McElwain spends one on one time with senior DL, Calvin Tonga at Saturday’s practice.

The team is 100 percent behind their coach; they are excited about the upcoming season as well. And though the boys are adamant that their passion would be commensurate regardless of uniform sponsorship, they admit it brings additional motivation.

“The attitude isn’t based on what we are wearing,” Grey says. “We are going out there because we want to win, but it definitely adds excitement.”

“It doesn’t matter what we put on, it’s just drawing attention,” sophomore DB, Jasen Oden adds. “People like high-brand uniforms, but we are still out there to play.”


And despite all of the superficial improvements, and the whiff of a new stadium hanging in the breeze, it’s the talent of the personnel that’s gathering noise in the locker room.

“The freshman man, they’re coming in, playing way mature,” Oden said. “I can’t wait to see what they’ve got. I’m betting house on the freshman.”