Warmer weekend ahead for Fort Collins

Austin Harley

After a cool, moist Thursday, conditions are forecast to slowly improve into Friday afternoon. Drizzle and showers will stick around before 10am. Temperatures will be a bit warmer Friday afternoon as the sun begins to burn off the cloud cover and the drizzle comes to an end. By the evening, sunny skies will prevail.



Overnight Friday, temperatures will again fall to near freezing, but the moisture won’t be around – no snow tonight. There will be enough moisture, and the winds will be right for fog production in the early morning hours. Don’t be surprised if there’s a slight frost left behind by Saturday morning. Sensitive plants should be moved indoors Friday night.

Saturday looks like a prime day. After some possible early morning fog, sunny skies will return for the better part of Saturday. The CSU football game at 1:00pm should kickoff in the upper 60s with plenty of sunshine. Go rams!

Sunday will finally be warm enough to bring afternoon thunderstorms back into the forecast. None of the storms look to be widespread or severe at this time.

Sunday night, a cool front will move through. Monday looks like another cool, cloudy day for northeastern Colorado.