National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

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March 26th is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. There are many wacky and strange holidays, but this day is truly dedicated to the ones that might not have an official day. The Interactive News Team decided to come up with our own creative holidays in order to observe today. Because who doesn’t like celebrating random things?



National Superheroes Day


“A day where everyone wears or has some sort of superhero merch to celebrate superheroes, comics, art, graphic artists, and a culture of superheroes that has shaped our nation’s popular culture.” -Jasmine Kabera


Craft Day

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“Grab the Mod Podge, scissors, construction paper and markers, everyone has to craft right now.” -Bailey Constas

Nap Day


“Why aren’t naps enforced in college? Everyday should be nap day because sleeping anywhere you want in your clothes is fun.” -Hannah Hemperly

Second Halloween


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“We need two times a year to get scary and creepy. It’d be held in the spring, and instead of pumpkin carving, we could carve summer fruits like watermelons. No trick-or-treating, just another day to marathon horror movies, go to corn mazes and haunted houses, and get generally spooky.” -Keegan Williams



Hello Kitty Day


“My Holiday would be in honor of Hello Kitty. This would be one day out of the year that would require everyone to wear at least SOMETHING with good ole HK on it. Because everyone has something … right?” -Star Donaldson

National Drop-Everything-and-Play-Music-Day

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“No class, work, or anything productive. Today is dedicated to picking up an instrument, singing, and dancing! It should look like a real-life musical with people playing trumpets in the street and frequently bursting into song.” -Nicole Barton


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