Frame by Frame: Police brutality protests across the nation

Anna von

After the death of George Floyd on May 25, people around the world have taken to the streets and social media to protest systemic racism and police brutality. Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, was killed after three Minneapolis police officers pinned him to the ground for eight minutes and 46 seconds following his arrest for an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. His death was filmed by bystanders, and the video spread. 

The Collegian photographers have documented some of the protests in various locations around the country. Here are some of our images: 



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Fort Collins, Colorado 

What’s funny to me is that, when all this started, people said ‘well protests aren’t going to do nothing, riots aren’t going to do anything, being loud isn’t gonna do anything, showing up not gonna do nothing’ and I’ve seen a lot of legislation change because of it.”-Demeterice Langston, protester

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(children and teenagers) are the reason we are continuing to fight because when they are some of y’alls ages, they shouldn’t have to be in the streets any longer proclaiming black lives matter. It should be common sense.”-Tay Anderson, Denver School Board At-Large Director

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Kansas City, Missouri 

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Washington, D.C. 

I think that you saw it for yourself. One of the first times you saw it, the evidence was there right in front of you. So no matter what happens they can’t say this didn’t happen. There’s proof, there’s dead proof. Video doesn’t lie.”-Patrick, Washington, D.C. resident

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Bethesda, Maryland

My grandma marched on Washington and I’m still doing the same thing … because nothing has changed.”-Mareike Nebel, protest organizer

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Photo Director Anna von Pechmann and Photo Editor Lucy Morantz can be reached at or on Twitter @CSUCollegian