Memorial held on the Plaza for those who died on the border

Rachel Telljohn

A memorial for those who have lost their lives at the border of United States and Mexico was held Thursday on the Colorado State University Plaza. 

The memorial was the joint effort of Ethnic Studies in Action, Young Democratic Socialists of America and Students Against White Supremacy. 


Ethnic Studies in Action wrote to The Collegian the memorial was a collaboration with some of the CSU Dreamers.

“(We created) a display that both informed students about the system factors that push and pull folks to cross the border, statistics about who crosses, and what the experience is like,” Ethnic Studies in Action wrote. 

Part of the memorial featured images of butterflies, with the message “migration is beautiful” underneath. Ethnic Studies in Action wrote about the different art used for the memorial.

“We used images from Faviana Rodriguez, quotes from Gloria Anzaldua, roses, and candles in our vigil,” Ethnic Studies in Action wrote. “We also used old t-shirts and slashed water jugs to memorialize folks who did not make it.”

Ethnic Studies in Action posted about the event on Facebook. YDSA tweeted the event out, calling for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be abolished. 

The event lasted until around 1 p.m. Thursday. The memorial was similar to the “wall” built by College Republicans on the Plaza, although this memorial was not a direct response to the walls built previously. 

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