CSU Public Safety Team encourages student safety for Halloween

Audrey Weiss

Colorado State University’s Public Safety Team sent an email warning of the risks associated with the upcoming holiday the Thursday morning before Halloween.

The email addressed the rise in acts of misconduct attributed to this holiday: Getting clear consent before engaging in sexual acts, refraining from verbally harassing others, being considerate of other people and their property and alcohol safety.


The email said the Victim’s Assistance Team and the Woman and Gender Advocacy Center have reported hearing about more sexual assaults during the holiday and

Campus statistics indicate that 5-7 percent of all cases that go through the Student Conduct System occur during the Halloween weekend. Last year, 168 students were referred to Student Conduct the week of Halloween including sexual misconduct and alcohol infractions.

The Public Safety Team wrote that it is important for CSU’s community to keep one another safe during the Halloween weekend. In response to misconduct, it is urged that students report unsettling situations, travel in groups, leave parties that seem out of control and ask for help as needed.

The University provides resources, including Tell Someone, and counseling services on campus, to be used as necessary.

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