Thirteen tips for using public transportation in Fort Collins

Hannah Ditzenberger

From being in a new city to making new friends, coming to CSU can be an exciting and sometimes frightening experience. Exploring Fort Collins does not have to be, though. Getting around this city is fairly simple thanks to a range of public transportation options.



Here is all you need to know to get around the city: 


1. Buses come and go from the CSU Transit Center, located just north of the Lory Student Center. 

2. Bus maps are posted on the city’s public transportation website,

3.  Look at how soon your bus will arrive — at any stop — online at

4. Have a bike? No problem. You can attach it to the front of almost any bus.

5. The Max runs approximately every 10 minutes up and down Mason Street and McClelland Drive. It can take you up north to Old Town or down south to Target with minimal walking time. 

6. All CSU students can ride the buses for free. Just swipe your student ID card when you get on. The MAX buses are also free for students, but swiping is not necessary. 

8. Try to get to the bus 5-10 minutes before it is scheduled to arrive. Sometimes buses come early, so its best to plan ahead if you need to be somewhere.

9. Want to head to Boulder? The FLEX bus serves stops between Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont and Boulder, and picks up students from CSU at a bus stop just by the lagoon.


10. Not all buses run every day of the week. No buses run on Sundays and some do not on Saturdays. Make sure your bus runs on the days you need it.

11. Around the Horn is a shuttle bus that travels around campus. Over the school year, it runs every ten minutes, and is free for everybody, CSU student or not, who needs to get across campus. 

12. Google Maps is a very helpful tool. Use the train icon to see what public transportation options are available to your location. This saves you the time of figuring out the fastest route. 

13. Don’t be afraid to ask questions — to fellow passengers, the bus driver or your friends. It is often better to be in the right place at the right time than in the wrong place at the right time.

Collegian Reporter Hannah Ditzenberger can be reached at or on Twitter at @hditzenberger.