ASCSU vice president candidate ineligible for election, decides ASCSU Supreme Court

Erin Douglas

A vice presidential candidate for the Associated Students of Colorado State University is ineligible to run, following a decision by the ASCSU judicial branch this afternoon. Timothy Curry is no longer eligible to run as the vice president to Daniela Pineda Soraca’s campaign due to a grade point average requirement.

A minimum GPA requirement of 2.25 is required to run for president or vice president, according to section 703 of the ASCSU constitution. Curry does not currently meet the necessary GPA requirement to run for ASCSU vice president.


Curry transferred to CSU approximately one-and-a-half semesters ago, according to the court opinion. Because there are certain provisions listed in the ASCSU constitution for transfer students, the ASCSU Supreme Court reviewed Curry’s eligibility. The court interpreted the transfer student provision to only apply to students who have not yet established a GPA at CSU.

“While this may make it more difficult for some students to maintain eligibility due to their cumulative grade point average being based on only one semester of academic work, the ASCSU Supreme Court feels that this is an appropriate requirement,” wrote Deputy Chief Justice Stein in Court Case No. 4507. “It is likely not in the best interests of any individual student or the institution to commit to the time and effort required to hold the position of an ASCSU official while academic work should also be of great concern.”

Three campaigns were initially announced, but Senator Sarah Bruce’s campaign disbanded shortly after announcing. Due to the court’s decision today, only one campaign is currently eligible, according to ASCSU President Jason Sydoriak.

Ashley Higgins’ campaign for president remains in the election with running mate Steven La Solla. Higgins is currently the ASCSU deputy chief of staff, and La Solla is the ASCSU director of outreach.

Pineda Soraca’s campaign could not be reached for comment at this time.

Collegian ASCSU Reporter Erin Douglas can be reached at or on twitter @erinmdouglas23.