Colorado Rep. Jared Polis supports repealing U+2

Collegian Staff

When U.S. Rep. Jared Polis visited campus Sept. 2 to meet with a small group of Associated Students of Colorado State University members, he said he would support repealing U+2.

Polis was first elected to Congress in 2008, and he now serves on the Committee on the Education and the Workforce, the Committee on Rules, the Natural Resources Committee and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. He serves the Second District of Colorado, which includes Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland and Broomfield.


ASCSU members questioned Polis about U+2.

ASCSU: U+2 is a big problem for a lot of students. What do you think we can do about that?

Polis: That’s a bad law. You guys should try to repeal it. That would be the most substantial thing you can do. You have my support and I’m happy to lend my name to it and support it here and in Boulder. It’s an anti-student measure and it increases the cost of housing. Are there any city council members who support repealing it?

Ray Martinez on city council has been very vocal in his support for looking at other options.

I’ll mention it to Wade (Troxell) as well. Part of the dynamic is you need to get in touch with your fellow students and get them to be involved with city politics and vote. Because when people run for city council, who votes? It’s the people who complain about students. It’s not students. Students turn out to vote for president, but they don’t turn out in municipal elections. That’s the reason these laws exist. There would never be this discriminatory statute if students were at the ballot box. When city council only hears from people complaining about students, and not from the students themselves, this is what happens.

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