CSU students react to new net neutrality regulations

Rachel Musselmann

The Federal Communications Commission passed new net neutrality regulations Feb. 26.

The new laws are intended to bar broadband providers from blocking or discriminating against legal content, applications
and services, according to the FCC website The goal is to promote fair and open internet for all content providers, and to prohibit preferential treatment for some forms of legal internet traffic.


Some CSU students, like senior Brain Kiefer, said they are comfortable with the new laws.

“It just makes sense that everyone be treated the same,” Kiefer said. “It’s common sense.”

Franky Quinonez, senior business major, said he first saw the concept of net neutrality on social media, and has been following its progress online.

“I’m happy the new laws passed,” Quinonez said. “Its pretty cool to see regular people able to make a change with big corporations.”

Other students, like Bethany Martinez, junior apparel marketing major, said she is not sure how the new regulations will affect them.

“I heard about net neutrality on the news, but I don’t think it will do much good,” Martinez said. “The internet we pay for is so bad anyway, what’s the point?”

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