Farmer’s Table rebranding and becoming The Lily

Rachel Musselmann

The Farmer’s Table, a local breakfast favorite, is getting a face-lift.

Under new management, The Farmer’s Table will be transforming into The Lily, which will have a menu with comfort food made from scratch.


New owner Theresa Hwang and her son plan to renew the old restaurant, located at 2140 W Elizabeth.

Hwang said the new look of The Lily features bare walls, that will eventually showcase the art work of Colorado State University students. She said she was inspired by the strong community atmosphere, and wanted to provide an outlet for students to display their work.

“I remember what it was like to be a starving college student, and I want to help (art students) make a name for themselves, or even sell a few pieces,” Hwang said. As a former graphic designer, she can relate.

In addition to the renovation, The Farmer’s Table menu will be rebrandedEverything from syrup to coffee has been overhauled, according to Hwang. Items like pork green chili and biscuits and gravy are now being made from scratch, replacing the old boxed and canned with handmade. Pancakes are now made with real buttermilk, and served with thicker, meatier bacon.

“People come here because they miss mama’s cooking, and that’s what I want to provide,” Hwang said, who has over 30 years experience in the restaurant business. She said her goal is fresh, clean home-cooking, but not health food.

“You won’t find any quinoa burgers,” she said.

The new menu will feature a new contest: the hot wings challenge. Only the bravest customers are encouraged to try a plate of boneless wings coated in a secret sauce, which is rumored to be hotter than a ghost pepper. Anyone who can finish without help will earn a free meal a day for a week.

Some patrons are not optimistic about the change. Loyal customer and Fort Collins resident Bob Sullivan said he is uneasy about the rebranding.

“I’ve been coming here for years,” Sullivan said. “I like the old menu.”

According to former CSU student and long time Farmer’s Table employee, Jennifer Rose the Farmer’s Table staff is excited about the changes.


“(The Farmer’s Table) is ready for a change, and ready for a new hands-on approach,” Rose said.

Collegian Reporter Rachel Musselmann can be reached at and on Twitter @rmusselmann.