Campus celebrates new Lory Student Center

Now that the Lory Student Center is completed, fully furnished and being used by students, faculty and organizations, the University is celebrating.

This LSC-centered Student Appreciation and Celebration began Tuesday with an event planning services open house intended to “showcase the Lory Student Center’s Grand Ballroom, event spaces and event planning services,” according its website. The celebration will continue until Friday.


Events to follow include live music, food, CSU merchandise giveaways and discounts throughout the LSC food court, photos with Cam the Ram and remarks from Tony Frank and other faculty, with the majority of the activities occurring Wednesday and Thursday.

“Students backed this whole project from beginning to end,” said Doni Luckutt, CSU director of marketing and CSU alumna. “It’s to appreciate everyone who had a little bit of hardship because the LSC was closed for the last year or so, and it’s to showcase all of the amazing things that are a part of the building … [In September], we didn’t open as we would have liked — we wanted to open it all in one big splash. Well, that’s just not realistic.”

The week’s events are structured to showcase the variety of ways students can utilize the LSC throughout their time at CSU. Amy Vernon, an undeclared freshman, attended Tuesday’s open house because she hopes to become an inclusive community assistant, a position at CSU that will allow her to utilize the LSC’s event planning spaces to create diversity-centered events in the residence halls and around campus.

“When I have the time, I like to come in and explore [the LSC] and find all the different aesthetic things that they’ve added,” Vernon said. “I suppose [the building’s importance] depends what you do with it — I mean, if you really get to include your students or not — because I feel like it has a lot of potential to bring people together and be really important, or it could just be for people who are on the board.”

Senior anthropology and geography major Michael Makhdoom, another event planning services open house attendee, said he admires the newly-renovated LSC as a symbol of the University’s innovative goals, from its cycle of renovating various buildings to its attempts to make the campus more eco-friendly.

“I use [the LSC] every day,” Makhdoom said. “I’ve been around a long time, and this is quite the upgrade … It’s good for CSU to showcase this thing, and it shows that the university is cutting edge and striving to do better.”

Collegian News Reporter Ellie Mulder can be reached at and on Twitter at @lemarie.