ASCSU Senate proposes amendment to impeachment procedures

The Associated Students of Colorado State University Senate proposed a bill to change the impeachment procedures for all student officials Wednesday.

The author of the bill, Chief Justice Rioux Jordan, said he wrote it as a result of poor impeachment procedures in fall 2014.


“After the impeachment last year — last semester — I realized that there were some problems with it, with the system,” Jordan said. “There were some issues that needed to be resolved.”

Jordan said the current constitution does not have clear guidelines for what constitutes as an impeachment.

“There weren’t really any (standards) before,” Jordan said. “This does, and it ties in the ethics code.”

He said that the changes make the process “abundantly clear.” The bill clarifies what ASCSU officials can be impeached for and outlines the steps for impeaching officials.

“Grounds for impeachment include negligence in the form of not fulfilling duties specified in the Official’s job description or in this Constitution, or by violation of aspects of any  ASCSU ethics code currently in effect,” the bill states.

The bill was sponsored by Filipp Dedogryuk, Spencer Nolan, Deanna Olson, Yunus Ozekin, Peter James Seel, Jason Sydoriak and Jessica Teal.

When Vice President Lance Li Puma asked for debate and discussion about the bill, no senators made comments.

Collegian Diversity Beat Reporter Hannah Ditzenberger can be reached at or on Twitter at @h_ditzenberger.