Top 10 Tweets during the Sochi Opening Ceremony

If you missed the Opening Ceremony, or even if you watched it, here are some tweets to catch you up on what happened.

1. There were some technical difficulties.


opening ceremony, twitter

2. Team USA wore some Ralph-Lauren designed knit sweaters, resembling what your Grandma gave you for Christmas.

opening ceremony




3. Team Bermuda in Bermudas.

Opening Ceremony, Sochi, bermuda


4. We knew they were trouble when they walked in.


opening ceremony, sochi, taylor swift




5. Job well done.

Sochi, security, Opening Ceremony, Sochi


6. Security wasn’t as tight as they had planned.

Opening Ceremony, Sochi, stray dog

















7. Yikes.

Opening Ceremony, Sochi














8. Winter games or Hunger Games?


Opening Ceremony, Sochi, Hunger Games





9. Rams can relate.


Sochi, opening ceremony, austria, fall















10. Spot on.


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