ASCSU kicks off the new year with discussions and dinner

Associated Students of CSU senate started the new year off with an informal discussion and dinner for members on what changes need to take place both within and outside of senate.

“There’s probably a bunch of things we are doing wrong,” said Andrew Olson, vice president of ASCSU.


The meeting was a chance to break away from the normal senate routineASCSU. Typically Wednesday nights are reserved for discussing and voting on pieces of legislation during regular meeting times.

With this meeting however, each senator took a turn stating their personal critiques and improvements that could be made.

“My goal is to make ASCSU more visible,” said Samantha Guinn, ASCSU deputy chief of staff.

The issue of recognition was shared by a number of other ASCSU members. With the plaza gone, the ASCSU representation on campus significantly decreased, according to multiple senators.

“Face to face meeting someone is the best way to say who you are,” student Lance Li Puma said.

Olson ended the night encouraging senators to take time to look into their issues dealing with ASCSU and the students.

“My goal for this body is for everybody to be more ambitious than we currently are,” Olson said.

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