Theta Chi kicks off rush week tomorrow and will continue till next week

“The letters that you wear don’t make you better than other people, it just makes you better than who you were,” said Ryan Weir, President of Theta Chi.

According to Weir, Theta Chi is a fraternity to help students grow into better people.


“I’m a veteran and coming back to college, it’s a little different for an adult student trying to get plugged in and meet people,” said Darin Hinman, Theta Chi member and KCSU station manager. “I saw this as an opportunity to go out and meet some people that are kind of similar as far as what I’m interested in, but also the opportunity to network for careers and job paths, and it’s something to give me a challenge to go along with school.”

Theta Chi begins its rush week tomorrow at 8 p.m. with an informal meet and greet at the Behavioral Science Building.

“It’s when they come to meet us, kind of get to know us and it’s a great time for us to get to know them,” said Vincent Caricato, Theta Chi member.

The goal is to help students integrate better into the CSU community and prepare them for graduation, according to Caricato.

“It’s a good opportunity to help you out with your education, to push yourself, it’s also a great opportunity for you to meet individuals, to participate in your community and help your community out,” Hinman said. “You’ll develop some long lasting friendships that you’re going to have for years to come.”

Besides resources to assist members with their education and opportunities to network, Theta Chi also focuses on campus involvement.

“We have a guy in about 80 different organizations on campus, including orientation leaders, RAs, guys as presidential ambassadors, admissions ambassadors, a few guys in ASCSU, the Vice President of ASCSU, a lot of guys in campus ministries,” Weir said. “Overall, we’re pretty involved.”

According to Weir, Theta Chi also boasts the campuses top GPA among fraternities for the past three semesters with a 3.46 average for the fraternity.

Their rush week will include a poker night on Sept. 12, pick up basketball or volleyball on Sept. 13, tailgating at the football game on Sept. 14, and campus golf on Sept. 15.

“If you’re interested in being very involved on campus and helping out your community, then we might be the right fit for you,” Hinman said.


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