CSU’s Eddy to receive multi-million dollar renovation



Original 9/2/13:

About a year from today CSU will begin construction for the revitalization of Eddy Hall.

“It’s going to be a long process, and it will probably take a couple of years to get through it,” said Mike Rush, university architect and building official.

According to Rush, Eddy Hall, the old-school 1960s style building, is in the design phase for a revitalization. The new design was created to resemble the Behavior Science Building.

The new building will include a modernized entrance featuring a transparent glass entrance. Another transparent extension will be added to the side of the building, along with an outside area with round tables, chairs and umbrellas.

According to Rush, this revitalization was acted upon because of its need to be updated.

“It is well beyond its useful life,” Rush said, explaining the outdated building and it’s problems.

The building has outdated mechanical and electrical systems, according to Rush.

“We have been pushing for this,” business major and chair of the University Facility Fee Advisory Board Jenna Muniz said. “Eddy was just next on the list.”

Some of those involved with facility renovations did not agree with the timing of the Eddy revitalization. “


Eddy should have been done a long time ago,” natural resource major Lexi Evans said. “I felt like Eddy was a side note that people forgot about.”

When asked about the LSC priority over the Eddy renovation, Rush said that despite the cosmetic appeal of the LSC, “the student center was in worse shape than Eddy.”

The renovation for Eddy will be smaller than the LSC which is budgeted $11.7 million total. The Eddy project is budgeted at $6.9 million.

An east addition, plaza improvements, exterior wall insulation, recladding and window replacement is budgeted at $4.8M.

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