Human-beast interaction should stop at sight

One of the most important rules to camping is do not disturb the wildlife.According to, it is easy to sight a wild animal while camping, but that should be where the human-beast interaction stops.

“To be fair, most (people) don’t intend to interrupt the life patterns of animals when they camp. But by ignoring signs of their presence and moving in on them, they unintentionally scare animals out of their natural homes.”


A few rules of thumb that will help you stay clear of wildlife are:

  • If a natural path looks like it was made by an animal, and not a human, stay clear.
  • Like us, many wildlife like to have a comfy place to sleep, away from any loud noises.   So, stay clear of low lying branches. These trees serve as shelter to a lot different types of wildlife.
  • Watch out for little burrows made by smaller mammals.
  • Dont block access to any natural water hole. Yes, we like to camp by rivers or creeks, but wildlife also like to congregate and grab a drink too.