CSU prepares for Lory Student Center renovations in spring semester

In January, students will return from winter break to a student center in transition.

The renovation project on the Lory Student Center will get into full swing spring semester, with earliest signs of the remodeling occurring on the west side of Lory.


Over break, construction workers will put up a fence around the sidewalk coming from the Vietnam Bridge to the student center. The fence will close off the southwest side of the LSC to student traffic.

“We’re starting with the west ballroom, that’s our first priority,” said Mike Ellis, executive director of the LSC.

None of the actual demolition will take place until the end of the spring semester, when construction will tear down the solarium and the west end of the south ballroom.

“Everything will be normal,” said Doni Luckutt, director of LSC marketing. “The biggest thing is the fence going up. We’re making sure everything is in place and working … we’re trying to keep renovations as compact as possible time-wise.”

Yet some of the departments within Lory are moving out at the beginning of next semester. The Senate Chambers, Curfman Gallery and Sutherland Sculpture Garden will all be off-line at the beginning of the Spring 2013 semester.

“We’re trying to do as much prep work as possible before people leave for the summer,” Luckutt said.

The main renovation project will begin Summer 2013 and will continue for the next academic year and following summer. Both Ellis and Luckutt want to emphasize to students where the concentrated renovation project is going to occur.

“LSC central is the actual part that will be closed next year,” Luckutt said. “LSC south and north will still be open.”

Areas that will remain open include the Adult Learner & Veterans Services office, Student Legal Services, Cam’s Lobby Shop, Bagel Place II, the Aspen Grille, the Bookstore, the Ramskellar, the Transit Center and the University Club.

Both Luckutt and Ellis said that the newly renovated theater will be open on the south end too.


In order to make sure that students can find out where construction will be taking place, the LSC marketing team is designing their website to be easily accessible to all students and staff.

“We’re making all the information available within one to two clicks,” said Robin Grogan, web developer for the LSC Renovation Project Website. “Everything’s simple, easy and concise now that we’re centralizing all the information.”

Some of the site’s other features, like the blow up maps, which show development plans and the ‘Help Me Find’ feature, which allows users to search for information within the site, will also allow greater accessibility.

Even though the project will not be in full swing until next year, many of those involved with the student center’s renovation are excited that it soon will be.

“Construction is progress,” Ellis said. “This building is 50 years old. If we’re not building (and) improving we’re not meeting student needs.”

Luckutt says that students can help this project by remembering what it’s all about in the end.

“The best way to help is to visualize the future,” she said. “Everything is about the students and the focus is on creating a ‘student-centered’ student center.”