Donate a turkey, save Thanksgiving

A major premise of this holiday season is giving thanks for our blessings and sharing them with people who are less fortunate us.

With little more than a week before Thanksgiving, local charities are still desperately in need of canned food, turkeys and monetary donations in order to help provide for thousands of socioeconomically disadvantaged families that might not get a holiday meal otherwise.


The Denver Rescue Mission needs 18,000 turkeys this season in order to fill requests from 103 different community organizations like churches, schools and nonprofits. So far, they don’t even have 300 turkeys donated, according to the Denver Post.

Similarly, the Larimer County Food Bank is still well below its goal and are requesting an additional 1,000 turkeys in order to fulfill its obligations and help local families that are in need of assistance.

As poor as we all feel as college students, it is lagely incomparable to the poverty families all over Fort Collins and Colorado have to brave each and every day.

So scrape some money together, gather up the spare change around your house, get together with a few friends to pitch in on a turkey together. Even the smallest bit of effort could make a world of difference for those in need.

Why not give somebody else something to be thankful for this season? You can be the one who saves Thanksgiving for an entire family.