How do you feel about the on-campus stadium?

I don’t like it. I feel like student funds should be going toward all areas instead of toward the football team who’s not doing that great already.

Clayton Schuler, junior biomedical sciences major

For me, I think it’s kind of silly. We’re not exactly a school known for athletics, and the money could probably be better spent in other areas, like to fix buildings that are kind of decrepit. It’s a possibility more people would go to games… I’m done in December, so it doesn’t affect me wildly.

Jamie Naquin, senior international studies major


I can see the benefit of it to the university as a community focal point, but at the same time I don’t think the football team deserves it. We already have a multi-million dollar practice facility that hardly gets used and I’m afraid the stadium won’t get as much use.

Kayla Boos, junior construction management major

My opinion is just that it’s kind of a waste of money. We have a nice stadium. I’m concerned about parking, it’s already hard to park on campus. I wonder how they’ll deal with that.

Chelsea Pitonyak, junior equine sciences major

I think it’s probably a good thing. Tony Frank has done a lot of research over the last nine months, and he wouldn’t make a decision to go through with it if it didn’t benefit the rest of the community.

Ariel Mikolitch, senior political science major

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