Dexter’s Dark Dilemma

The season 7 premiere of Showtime’s hit drama Dexter was the other night and boy was it a beauty. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s about mild mannered forensic blood spatter expert Dexter Morgan, who lives a double life as a serial killer that only kills other murderers. You can learn more about it all on its website. The show is a personal favorite of mine ( I own all the seasons) and I was very excited for this season. And the premiere did not disappoint!!! So I just want to go over a little bit of what we saw and give my thoughts on how the next season will play out.

Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SPOILER ALERT!!! The season 6 finale left off with Dexter killing Travis Marshall (a.k.a. the Doomsday Killer) at the church but unbeknownst to him, his sister Deb had walked in and witnessed Dexter plunge the knife into Travis’s heart. One of the most engaging and attractive elements of Dexter is the fact that Dexter is able to work for the police and have a detective for a sister while at the same time keep his serial murders a secret. Fans have always wondered when Deb would finally discover her brother’s dark secret and the show finally delivered.


One of the main reasons Dexter is able to get away with what he does is his amazing ability to play the part of normal, everyday lab geek and get those around him to simply not notice his suspicious actions/behavior. In the beginning of the episode Dexter tries to convince Deb that he “snapped” and killed Travis in a moment of temporary insanity. Now if viewers have learned anything about Deb over the course of 6 seasons, it’s that she is much smarter than she looks.

Dexter has always been able to outsmart those around him. But can he outsmart his own sister, Police Lieutenant Deborah Morgan? After seeing last night’s episode, the answer is no. After witnessing Dexter kill Travis, Deb finally starts to look hard at her brother rather than overlook his odd behavior. Being the good detective she is, she notices the signs, and puts two and two together.

Overall the premiere was fantastic television. The scenes between Deb and Dex were deliciously tense. Jennifer Carpenter played the part of a sister who discovers a horrible secret beautiful and Michael C. Hall conveys Dexter’s confusion and struggles  as brilliantly as ever. The episode really comes together in the dramatic final scene when Dexter comes home to find Deb in the middle of his living room (which has obviously been ransacked and searched by her) with a horrible look of knowing on her face. The jig is up. For all those Dexter fans out there, this season is definitely going to be fantastic as Dexter will have to figure out how to deal with Deb knowing his secret and we’ll see as Deb struggles to try and come to terms with what her beloved brother is. I’ll be keeping an eye on the show and want to leave you with a preview of coming attractions. Enjoy!