What went through your mind on Sept. 11, 2001?

Corey Randall, senior chemical engineering and mathematics double major

“I thought it was a movie. I thought it was a movie. I was scared because I could see ash in the sky. I figured out that a wildfire was leaving ash in the air around Aurora, Colo.”


Zack Blitstein, freshman health and exercise science major

“I did not understand what was going on. I was getting ready for school when my parents showed me what was on the television.”

Larry Chillson Jr, senior family consumer sciences and communication double major

“My teacher got all the students together and we had a group discussion about what had just happened. I was very emotionally impacted.”

Hillary Thompson, freshman vocal performance major

“I don’t remember much. At the time, everyone seemed very panicked … My parents didn’t really explain much –– I wasn’t old enough to understand.”

Ariana Jouzdani, undeclared freshman

“My parents didn’t tell me anything. I learned everything through the media … I saw a lot of images of crashing and violence on the news in New York.”