CSU brings in record breaking $340 million in research funding

The 2,225 proposals for research money that CSU faculty sent out last year was time well spent. The university hauled in a record $340 million in research funding ending fiscal year 2012.

The $340 million is up $10 million from the previous record of $330 million recorded in 2011.


The record-breaking year also puts CSU on the map nationally. The $340 million makes it  second in the nation in research expenditures among public universities without a medical school.

“Seeing research expenditures continue to grow is an important indicator of success at CSU,” said university spokesman Mike Hooker. “Even at a time when other resources have shrunk, this shows that people are confident in CSU to continue to provide world class research in a variety of fields.”

Here’s a breakdown of research funding.

Total CSU budget: $ 866,693,196
Research expenditures: $340,000,00
Percent of total budget: 39.2%

Federal agencies:                               67 percent of total
Non-federal (private industry, misc.):  20 percent of total
Local and state  funds:                       13 percent of total

Federal Agencies with top research contributions:
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: $52.3 million
U.S. Department of Agriculture: $47.2 million
National Science Foundation: $36.7 million
U.S Department of Defense: $36.3 million

Fiscal year 2011 (last year data was available) of spending per college
Business                                                                                   $1,321,033
Liberal Arts                                                                                $1,898,468
Applied Human Sciences                                                          $9,566,357
Agricultural Sciences                                                              $13,754,050
Natural Sciences                                                                     $31,131,052
Warner College of Natural Resources                                     $49,358,971
Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences                        $54,156,980
Engineering                                                                              $62,160,762


Senior Reporter Austin Briggs can be reached at news@collegian.com.