Community Briefs for 8/23/12

Restricted drop period ends on Friday

Is that extremely difficult underwater basket-weaving class getting you down? Did you sign up for an upper-division calculus class before suddenly remembering that you’re a liberal arts major?


If so, your last chance to get out of those classes and save your semester might be at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, which marks the end of the restricted drop period for some classes.

Consult your online class schedule for specific course add/drop deadlines.

Taylor Jackson hired as ASCSU director of Student Services

Student government President Regina Martel announced Tuesday that she has hired Taylor Jackson as the director of Student Services.

Jackson, who was previously the controller for the Associated Students of CSU, stepped in as the interim director for the vacant position the summer.

“During that time she showed great leadership and vision for the department,” Martel said in an email announcing the hiring. “I am confident that she will do an amazing job.”

The deadline for applications for the controller position is Friday, Aug. 31. An application can be found at