4 things you should know about NoCo Nosh…

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It has been a really long and hectic day and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner tonight… so what are your options to get your favorite local restaurant to deliver your favorite meal? You could definitely use huge national corporations like Grubhub, DoorDash and even Uber Eats but these out-of-state businesses are hurting many smaller, independently owned restaurants. Did you know that NoCo Nosh is a local, independently owned and operated alternative food delivery service in Northern Colorado run by some of your favorite local restaurants? Noco Nosh is an alternative to Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats because these corporations charge restaurants unsustainably high commission rates and NoCo Nosh charges roughly half of what the major players charge.

  1. There is a problem with representation for restaurants. When customers order from Grubhub they treat customers as their own, not the restaurants’. Restaurants do not receive customer information so if something goes wrong (the order is wrong, delivered late, etc.), they never hear about it until they see a deduction on their weekly payment because the customer was given a refund and they were charged for it. The Nosh model is transparent and the customer is the restaurant’s customer.
  1. They put restaurants back in charge.Grubhub, etc. is not in the food-industry but they are technology companies that exploit small, local independent restaurants who end up paying the bulk of the cost of food delivery. Owned by independent local restaurants who control the company through a board of directors and voting rights, NoCo Nosh believes food delivery should belong to the restaurants, not to a Silicon Valley venture-capital funded large corporation.


  1. They focus on customer service. Local restaurant owners who understand food delivery own Noco Nosh and believe delivery is an extension of the service they provide to their customers. Because of this mindset, they do all they can to offer their customers the best possible experience.
  1. They keep local dollars in our community. Grubhub, etc. is a large corporation whose ultimate goal is to make money so they can return it to their investors. They will take as much money away from local restaurants as they can. The goal of NoCo Nosh is to keep our local dollars here in Northern Colorado and help strengthen the health of our economy. 

So, the next time you are not in the mood to cook dinner and want to order delivery check out NoCo Nosh and support local businesses.  You can download the NoCo NOSH app in both Google Play and Apple stores and if you use the coupon code FREE4RAMS you can receive FREE DELIVERY on orders of $15 or more!  Visit NoCo Nosh  for more information.