Empty Tent Circus Poetry Share brings topics of same-sex relationships, depression, Donald Trump and more

Jarrae Newell

Woman speaks into microphone
A poet shares their poem at Blue Door in Old town, on March 28, 2018.

The room was lit with a mixture of blue and purple, a black curtain stood behind the performers, a lamp shined next to them – only a mic and members of the audience stood in front of them. Art was ready to be shared. This was at The Empty Tent Circus’s poetry share at Blue Door Wednesday.

G McDonald, Empty Tent Circus Poetry Share host, led the charge by sharing the first poem of the night. There were 16 performers in total. Poems ranged from a variety of different topics including the following: same-sex relationships, grief, depression, Donald Trump and more.


There was so much passion from the performers, so much respect from people in the audience, on top of that the bar had excellent service. You had to try really hard not to have a good time.

The environment created was warm, welcoming and left many people inspired. Poets who hadn’t performed in months or even years went up to share their work. As a member of the audience, you felt a

Man speaks into microphone while looking at cell phone
A poet shares their poem at Blue Door in Old town, on March 28, 2018.

range of emotions throughout the night. There was laughter throughout, and snaps echoed the room as members of the audience related to words the poets expressed.

“This is definitely the largest crowd we’ve ever had,” G McDonald said. 

It was well promoted and well put on. Hopefully, they can repeat their success. The Empty Tent Circus plans to have a poetry share everyday Wednesday at the Blue Door.

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