Unique mobile boutique rides into Fort Collins

Lauryn Bolz

With all the boutiques in Fort Collins, there is one that stands out for its unique location, or rather, locations.

Wild Rose & Co started out as a small idea and has quickly become a staple of the Fort Collins boutique community, with a special emphasis on self-care and the concept of home.


Wild Rose & Co.’s pop-up boutique creates a warm environment for its customers. Owner Ali Rose aims to promote wellness and relaxation with a sleek, but lively design. (Lauryn Bolz | Collegian)

Ali Rose stumbled across a unique opportunity to build Old Town’s first mobile wellness and home goods store when she drove past the home of Fort Collins resident Bob Dickinson, who builds food trucks.

“I drove by his house and saw the truck in his driveway and left a note in his mailbox,” Rose said.

Rose and Dickinson built the van from the bottom-up, gutting it, cleaning it, and styling it themselves. The hands-on process allowed Rose to form every aspect of the van with her personal touch. The sleek, minimalist design of the van is luxurious without losing a sense of warmth and well-being. The shelves are stocked with a diverse inventory that promotes local artists and creative spirits as well as a sense of self-love. Small plants, soothing essential oils and local art create a lovely, welcoming space with a classic Fort Collins touch.

Rose’s dedication to wellness and self-care culture inspired her to curate her van as a kind of haven for people who need to escape their daily hustle and take a moment to relax.

“Wellness is a huge part of the culture in today’s world. I think we need help with that and tools to reconnect us back to ourselves. I choose to focus on home, lifestyle and wellness because I believe that those are the foundation to build a beautiful life.” Ali Rose, owner of Wild Rose and Co.

Although Rose sells products that create a sense of permanency, her van adds an element of freedom that is not found in a stationary place. Rose said she wanted to be mobile because she didn’t quite know where she’d end up.

The interior of the Wild Rose & CO. van is filled with things that Rose felt help focus on the home, from notebooks to succulents, to essential oils. (Lauryn Bolz | Collegian)

Rose and her van can be found attending Fort Collins-based festivals like the New West Fest and the Brewer’s Fest, or set up in various places around Old Town. Depending on the day of the week, she is stationed at Wolverine Farm, next to Walnut Creek, or in other various parks. Her specific daily locations can be found on her website. She also posts updates about her store and locations on her growing Instagram page, @wildroseandco.

“Wherever I end up, I just want to bring the community together,” Rose said. “I want to create a beautiful welcoming space for people to come in and feel good, with products I love.”

Collegian reporter Lauryn Bolz can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com and on Twitter @Laurynbolz