Why it’s OK that you didn’t make any Spring Break plans

Miranda Moses

Bailey Richards sits in a hammock while reading a book.
Bailey Richards, a first-year student at Colorado State University, reads while sitting in her hammock near the Lagoon. (Forrest Czarnecki | The Collegian)

Fall semester is one of the longest things to ever happen, ever. Spring semester, on the other hand, is a whirlwind of weeks passing by with no warning, impending graduation dates and erasing “2017” after accidentally writing it on papers and notes months into the new year.

Because the beginning of March is about to smack many of us right in the face, it is understandable, under the circumstances, that there are more than a few Colorado States students who might have forgotten to make any plans this upcoming Spring Break that seems to have come out of nowhere entirely too early. If this is the case, here are some reasons why your altered conception of time due to demanding intellectual and social stress may be a blessing in disguise to some degree:


1. Your dog misses you.

Dog’s perception of time is way different than us human’s perception of time. So, if you have not made it back to your parent’s house since Winter Break, your dog might think you have been gone for 472 years. While you have been drowning in lab reports and struggling to cite papers on easybib, your pup has been going through the stresses of figuring out where the heck you went after your family took down the weird tree in the living room full of balls they could not fetch or the shiny stick that was lit on fire 8 times but never chewed on. This Spring Break, the only lab you should be focused on is the fuzzy, slobbery one that will not leave you alone if you open a bag of cheese. 

Average number of college students arrested at Spring Break is 88,750.

2. You already go to school in Colorado.

People from other states travel to Colorado for Spring Break to ski, hike, and get super altitude drunk, so essentially all CSU students are always on Spring Break depending on how you choose to utilize your time. You aren’t really missing out on the fun because you can literally live it any weekend that you want if you strategically get your homework out of the way or ignore your responsibilities completely. 

3. You won’t go into shock.

By avoiding highly sought after stereotypical, toasty, nautical Spring Break destinations like Cancun, Miami or South Padre Island your body will never have to come to terms with the fact that instead of the lovely 8 degree weather that Colorado has blessed us with the past few weeks, you will now be on fire. While some may see this as a negative and are currently craving summer sun, you can find solace in the fact that many of your friends will come back from Spring Break with a fresh lobsteresque sunburn, a liver screaming for water instead of Malibu Rum, and a new appreciation for Colorado’s forgiving sun. 

1.5 million students go on spring break every year and collectively spend over one billion dollars.

4. You don’t have to spend money on big vacation plans. 

Plane and simple, you’ll have more money for late night Krazy Karl’s and beer runs than anyone else after Spring Break. You will essentially be keeping many of Fort Collin’s stores in business after break until your peers financially recover. You are vital to the economy. 

5. It’s called a break.

There’s no shame in sleeping for a week after half a semester of academic turmoil and hard work causes you to forget what year you are in. Spring Break is only an equally fleeting week amongst the hectic ones of the Spring Semester, especially compared to the impending summer to come, so if you made your break into a literal break of life, then relax away. May you rest peacefully  by canceling out any inkling of FOMO you may experience by eating 16 bags of Doritos and then sleeping until 3 p.m. everyday in the name of self-care. 


Collegian reporter Miranda Moses can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @mirandasrad.