Green Report: Best ways to smoke

Dylan Simonson

As we all know, smoking anything isn’t exactly a great thing for a person, but let’s be honest, smoking is fun. There are better ways to smoke for your health, flavor, or smoke tricks, it all depends on what you’re looking for.



Joints are marijuana rolled in hemp or rice rolling papers, and resemble cigarettes. This is one of the worst ways to smoke for your health, due to the paper, but it is by far the most relaxing in my opinion. Joints are also good for performing smoke tricks with, thanks to thick smoke from direct inhalation.

Joint (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


Blunts are similar to joints, in the sense that they’re rolled with marijuana inside, but instead of rice or hemp papers, they use cigar paper, or tobacco leaves. This makes them worse for you. Bunts also provide thick smoke for smoke tricks, but normally, blunts have hotter smoke, that can be more painful.

Blunt (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


A bong, also known as a water pipe, filters the smoke through water, and can container percolators, also known as percs. This filtration makes the smoke cooler, and better for you, since it also filters out a few other things that you don’t want to be inhaling. Bongs can have great flavor if kept clean, both glass and water, which you should change at least once a day.

Bong (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Pipe (Spoon)

Spoon pipes are normally one of a stoner’s first pieces. These glass pipes are small and convenient, but that’s about as far as their benefits go. The smoke is still hot and therefore not that great for you. The flavor from your marijuana is mediocre. Depending on the design of the spoon pipe, they can either be awful for smoke tricks, or amazing.

Spoon pipe (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


A bubbler is kind of a pipe and bong combination. It looks more like a pipe, but it filters the smoke through water. This filtration makes the smoke a little better for you, but it’s still not the healthiest way to consume cannabis. Bubblers, in my personal opinion, are the best smoking device to get the maximum flavor out of your flower, as long as your bubbler is clean.



Vaporizers are easily the healthiest way to consume marijuana, since the plant matter isn’t actually being burnt (if done correctly), and only the cannabinoids are consumed. Marijuana vaporizers often are awful for smoke tricks, and depending on the quality and cleanliness of the vaporizer, the flavor can be great, or disgusting. Vaporizers come in portable forms, that can fit in your pocket normally, or stationary models that are plugged in.

Portable vaporizer (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Overall winner: Vaporizer

The vaporizer is ultimately the best way to consume cannabis, as long as you get a quality one, the flavor will be great, and it will work to provide you the healthiest way to consume, without taking edibles or similar items.

Volcano vaporizer (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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