Green Report: The road for marijuana

Dylan Simonson

The Literal Road

On 4/20, the fabled marijuana celebration day, police found over 250 pounds of marijuana on the side of the road. That’s a lot of ganja.


It was near Manitou Springs, where the weed, valued at up to $1.5 million, was discovered in 11 trash bags along the side of the road.

1 million dollars (Photo courtesy of Flickr)

The marijuana was found by police after a tip about some suspicious activity around a home, where they found nothing, but did find the 262 pounds of marijuana, about a mile and a half away. If only I had found the bags instead of the police… Oh the edibles and wax that could have been made.

The Metaphorical Road

Colorado’s House voted 56-7 to bar public officials from helping federal agents arrest citizens in case of a marijuana crackdown. The bill has already passed the Senate, 28-7, and now will go to the Governor’s desk.

Colorado Senate (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The bill states that public officials (police) from aiding federal agents in “arresting a Colorado citizen for committing an act that is a Colorado constitutional right.” Which means that if federal agents come and ask local police for help in finding those using marijuana legally (under Colorado law), the police aren’t allowed to assist.

This bill also protects retail marijuana shops and medical stores. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions stance on marijuana, Colorado lawmakers wanted to make sure that their citizens were protected from any harm that might come from a possible federal government crackdown, although the move seems unlikely, according to Governor John Hickenlooper.

Governor John Hickenlooper (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Other states with legal marijuana are attempting to pass similar laws, in hopes of protecting their citizens.

The full bill can be found here, and is known as Senate Bill 197, or ‘the Sessions safeguard”.

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