4/20 promotions at Fort Collins shops

Alaysha Powell

Even though it has been a while since Colorado legalized the use of pot, more and more businesses are joining in on the festivities. If you are of age and are ready to celebrate 4/20, read on to see some of the top deals being offered by local shops right here in Fort Collins.

Fat Shack


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Photo credit: Michael Berg


Fat Shack holds the crown for creating menu items that are a perfect meal after celebrating 4/20. There are several menu items that combine unique foods together to create a whole new dish. On 4/20 they will be offering six-inch doobie sandwiches for only $4.20. This offer is available for in-store pick up or delivery.

Cheba Hut

This tasty sub shop is notorious for their celebration in 4/20. There are several deals to give yourself more bang for your buck including:

-$4.20 for nug, chips and drink combo, which is served on a collectible frisbee

– $7.10 for nug, chips and beer combo

There will also be live music, contests, games and giveaways.

Infinite Wellness Center

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Photo credit: Michael Berg


Infinite Wellness Center is a well-known head shop in Colorado. They have a large variety of flower, concentrate and edibles. There will be a large get together throughout the day with free giveaways, pizza and drinks. There are currently three deals being offered for the 4/20 holiday on their website:


-Buy two flux concentrates and get one for $1

-four oil syringes for $50

-$5 off any $40 or higher purchase if you leave a review.

The Joint Smoke Shop

Come watch as growers from all over town compete to see who has grown the best weed. The Battle of the Buds is the first annual competition hosted by The Joint. There will also be several discounts and games offered to customers who drop by.

These are just the most advertised deals around Fort Collins during this holiday. If your favorite food or head shop was not listed here, you can always call or stop by. Most owners suggest that there will be deals or activities that you can partake in to celebrate.