Living the Alternative: The 6 types of people who post on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to keep in touch and up to date on friends lives. Maybe just a little too much. Like Facebook and Twitter also, snapchat allows us to see in real time what our friends are doing. I mean it’s great when you need to know the details of what everyone is doing this weekend or to connect with some of your favorite celebrities and get a sneek peek into their world, but Snapchat can also be really, really annoying. The more friends you have on the app, the more you will notice common trends.

Here are six people who we all know on snapchat:


1. The serial foodie: Yes, we as humans must eat to stay alive. Does that mean every time you cook or go out for food we must see proof? Absolutely not. In fact, it really is a nuisance to see what you cooked every meal. No one really cares.

Exception: Unless there is a hot new restaurant that everyone is talking about or really weird food and you got first dibs, then share away. If you are a professional cook or baker and share ideas to promote your business, again, share away. If neither apply to you then best not to post.

2. Ugh, not another selfie. Usually, we know what the person looks like when we add them on Snapchat so there is no need to always post pictures of your face. Sure, I too am guilty of those fun and themed animal or holiday filters, but if that is all that is on your story for ten pictures in a row, it is time to scale back.

Exception: Got a makeover or showing off a new haircut you want to debut? Go ahead, take that selfie and slay.

3. The chronic partier: This may seem like most college students, but there is always that one Snapchat friend who only posts videos of them at raves or clubs or bars. Yes, we get that you like to party, who doesn’t? However, if you’re always trying to prove a point on how socially adept you are it just gets kind of old.

Exception: Going to Coachella or Electric Daisy Carnival? Post it, that doesn’t happen every day. Going to some local event where a hundred of your other friends are also there? Don’t post, everyone knows what’s happening without your play-by-play anyways.

4. The inside joker: So we all have inside jokes with one or two people that no one else really fully gets or understands because it is just too funny. When you post that on Snapchat, it does not all of a sudden make it funny to everyone else. Instead, they just spend the next couple of minutes trying to think about the possible connections. So why put it in a story when you can send it in a direct snap message? Sorry, there are no exceptions for this one.

5. The travel buff: One day Paris, the next a beach in Hawaii. The travel buff can be annoying on snapchat not because they’re doing snapchat or anyrthing wrong, but because they’re doing everything right. We are either looking for inspiration or likely just jealous that for some reason they can afford to take off on vacations every day.

Exception: If you consider your spring break trip to Mexico as an excuse to post twenty snaps a day, then sadly you’re mistaken.


6. The comic: We all have that one friend who always just happens to witness the weirdest or most awkward occurrences. Lucky them, they just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Or, there is the comic who it does not matter what they post, it just always makes you laugh. This snapchat enthusiast does not need to be scolded, because without them we would just be looking at everyone else’s boring photos and videos.

Whether you fall into these categories or have witnessed someone who fits into every single one, regardless, our guilty pleasure seems to be watching others live their life hence making Snapchat very popular.