R Bar and Lounge hosts inclusive open mic night

R Bar and Lounge, which is a play on words for “our” bar, embodies love, excitement and encouragement, which was evident during this week’s open mic night.

R Bar and Lounge is Fort Collins’ alternative bar that provides an inclusive space for the LGBTQ population. This bar has been open for over a year, and hosts events that encourage the community to express themselves, including their open mic night that takes place every Tuesday.


From stand-up comedy to singing, the audience of this week’s open mic night was filled with enthusiasm, and the comedians and singers were filled with adrenaline.

Theresa “T” Brodzinski started the night with her captivating voice and guitar skills, filling the room with heart and soul. Brodzinski has been playing guitar most of her life but started sharing her vocal skills with the world about three years ago.

020717_MikeBerg_ArtsAndCulture_RBarOpenMic (4 of 5).jpg
Theresa “T” Brodzinski performs at R Bar and Lounge’s open mic night. Photo credit: Mareena Winchell


Brodzinski said that she gets her inspiration from life events.

“I like to take things from life and exaggerate them,” Brodzinski said. “I make the good things sound really good, and the bad things sound really, really awful.”

Attendee Nicole Guild said she finds herself coming back to R Bar due to how inclusive it is.

“The interest in exposing different bands that live here and bringing different arts to the Fort Collins community drew me to this bar in particular,” Guild said. “To see a bar like this in Northern Colorado is nice. It is comforting to know to there is a spot anyone can come to and not feel judged.”

Guild said she does not classify R Bar and Lounge as “just a gay bar” she said it is more than just that.

The comedian of the night was a hit. Patrick Macholl has always been inclined to make people laugh. He said he gets the premise of his jokes from a different kind of inspiration.

“I need to write for at least thirty minutes before I start getting somewhere,” Macholl said. “Watching well-known comedians work hard to form and shape how successful they are gives me inspirations because I like to only surround myself with comedians who I know are taking it serious.”


Macholl encourages aspiring entertainers to try out R Bar’s open mic.

“You are going to bomb it for a really long time, but please don’t quit,” Macholl said. “You have to push through and keep on working on it, doesn’t matter if you are getting laughs or not, you need to have a burning passion for it.”

You can check out Macholl’s comedy at mic night or on his podcast called “Dolphin Protest Podcast.”

For information on upcoming events at R Bar and Lounge, go to their Facebook and Instagram.