Local theater to provide comedic relief before Election Day

After a long and messy campaign season, many shell-shocked voters are ready for a laugh with Election Day being less than a week away.

On Sunday Nov. 6 at 7 p.m., The Mostlies, a local nonprofit theater group, will perform their original show called “It’s All Fun and Games … Until Someone Gets Elected!!!” at the Lincoln Center Performance Hall.


The Mostlies have been around Fort Collins since 1973, according the production coordinator and treasurer of the theater group Steve Noland. Under their original name, Foothills Civic Theater Inc., the group would perform “pretty standard community-type stuff,” Noland said.

During the 1980s, Fort Collins was experiencing a bad recession and there were often more people on stage than in the audience, Noland said. The board overseeing The Foothills Civic Theater Inc. threatened to shut down the group according to Noland. Despite the limited funds, the group scraped them together to form The Mostlies, a group that performs an election performance every four years along with similar political performances during the summer.

Every four years, the group performs a musical, comedic parody of the election. According to Noland, many of the members of the group have stayed over its 25-year span. Patty Bell first played the role of Hilary Clinton for their show in 1993 about the 1992 election when Bill Clinton was coming into office. She has played Hilary Clinton in every show from then until now, Noland said. As the members of the group age, the plays often includes themes of aging including comedic songs about menopause and sleep apnea.

The Mostlies 1.JPG
Photo courtesy of: The Mostlies

Unlike other plays that are planned and prepared months in advance before the show date, “It’s All Fun and Games … Until Someone Gets Elected!!!” has many moving parts. Because the show is about the election, new material gets added and thrown out on a regular basis. With this election full of comedic gems, the group had no trouble finding comedic material.

“As a producer I’m supposed to get the program done and all of this kind of stuff,” Noland said. “I want the show order. I want the names of all of the numbers. Well, they finally gave them to me two weeks ago, but it’s changed because new stuff has happened. So it typically is hard.”

The group usually performs close to 100 numbers during the two-hour show, which is split into three acts. The songs that will be performed are parodies of popular songs with an election twist.

A version of Disney’s “I Won’t Grow Up” from “Peter Pan” will be performed at Sunday’s showing, the song is changed to “I Won’t Give Up.” It comments on Bernie Sanders’ campaign, according to Noland. The group will also perform a version of Monty Python’s “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” changed to “Look on the Bright Side of Strife” about voters who are not happy with either candidate.

Aside from the national election, the play comments on local issues including the expensive housing prices and campaigns including the race for the position of Colorado Senator between Sen. Michael Bennet and Darryl Glen.

The play represents many different viewpoints ranging from British people wondering what they will call Bill Clinton if Hilary Clinton is elected to disenfranchised voters who want to move to Canada if Trump is elected. The main voting parties of the election are also represented.

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Photo courtesy of: The Mostlies

According to Noland, although the cast members of show are both Republican and Democrat, the show “leans a little left.” Noland attributes this to the fact that most artistic people tend to be more liberal.


The group strives to provide a light-hearted night of entertainment to relieve the tensions building up in anticipation of the impending Election Day.

“If you’re really tired of the whole political situation now, it might be good to have a laugh before the election because we don’t know what’s going to happen afterwards,” Noland said. “No matter which side you’re on, someone’s going to be pretty disappointed.”

Tickets for the show are now sold out due to the popularity of the performance. More information about The Mostlies can be found on their website, mostlies.org.