Best Halloween-themed tours in FoCo

It has been October for a couple of weeks now, and Halloween will be upon us before we know it. People are beginning to celebrate these beautiful fall months with creepy decorations, costumes, pumpkin spice lattes and haunted houses. If these past times just aren’t doing it for you, then you might want to check out ghost tours.

If you’ve ever been interested in the secrets that the ancient buildings in Old Town have to offer, then The Fort Collins Ghost Tour is a good place to start. Guides will escort you through various locations in Old Town as you learn about tales of spiritual encounters and sightings as well as local legends.


This is a walking tour, so bring comfy shoes and warm clothes because you will be walking at least a mile that night. Do not confuse this with the similar tours like the late night ghost walk. If you are torn on which tour to go to first, the organization suggests going to the Fort Collins Ghost Tour first.

Buggy rides are another popular past time during fall, so why not enjoy two events at the same time? On the Horse and Buggy Ghost Tour you will be taken to several different sites in a horse drawn buggy while learning about creepy tales.

According to the Fort Collins Tours website, “while our walking tours feature sites and stories in the Old Town area, the Horse & Buggy Ghost Tour is an excellent opportunity to explore a little beyond our usual venues.”

If you don’t enjoy the cold, then the Haunted Pub Tour is ideal for you. Instead of walking outside, participants will stop at various drinking grounds that have been known for their ghostly encounters. This tour is only for people who are 21 years and older.

Each tour varies in time but usually lasts about two hours. You should always check the weather before going because tours run despite poor weather conditions. The only time tours will be cancelled is if there is extreme weather.