“Ash vs. Evil Dead” returns just in time for Halloween season with an action-packed premier

Megan Hanner

With Halloween approaching, it’s officially the season for horror. “Ash vs Evil Dead” returned to Starz on Oct. 2 for the premier of the second season. The action packed premier promised more hilarity and over the top blood, gore and action.

The show is an addition to Sam Raimi’s famed 1981 cult classic “The Evil Dead.” This hilariously gory movie with cheesy, yet awesome, special affects remains a favorite among horror fans. “The Evil Dead” remake was also released in 2013.


The movie tells the story of Ash, a young man that goes to a cabin with his friends. After he and his friends find and read from a cursed book, demons come to the cabin and take over their bodies one by one. Ash must battle them, losing his hand in the process. It’s totally fine though, because he gets a chainsaw to take its place to help fight those nasty demons.

Season one of “Ash vs Evil Dead” focused on Ash (Bruce Campbell) thirty years after the events of “The Evil Dead.” It turns out that Ash still has the Book of the Dead and makes the mistake of reading from it again. He embarks on a journey to destroy the book along with his friends Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago). Ruby (Lucy Lawless) looks to also become a main demonic character in this season.

The premier of the second season brings action right away within the first five minutes of the episode. Right off the bat, a chase scene immediately brings back the vibes from the first season with darkness and over the top nastiness, typical of director Sam Raimi. The action continues beyond the first five minutes with one fight scene after another.

DeLorenzo as Kelly always seperates herself apart from the other main characters, but especially so in this episode. One scene that stood out shows her fighting her way out of a demon entrapment. DeLorenzo definitly fills the role of a powerful female lead in the horror and gore-filled series.

One interesting thing about this episode is that it offers a peak into Ash’s personal life, a topic that the show has previously ignored. Ash is forced to return to his home town in Michigan and face some old demons (pun intended). With a town full of locals who taunt him with “Ashy Slashy”, it’s clear not many people know the truth about the events of “The Evil Dead.”

There are also some funny lines in this premiere. The humor in the show can initially come off as cheesy and forced, but this type of obnoxious comedy works well for “Ash vs Evil Dead.” This blatant humor seems natural in this brazen series.

The special effects are fantastic in the show. Even in the year 2016, Raimi still pays homage to the 1981 cult classic movie. Though the copious amounts of blood can be a little much, the overall feel to the effects reminds the viewer that they are watching an addition to “The Evil Dead”.

After choosing to team up with an enemy for the greater good, it will be exciting to see what season two of “Ash vs Evil Dead” will bring. One thing is clear: Ash, Kelly and Pablo will bring a season of fast-paced action and horror that we all crave during the month leading up to Halloween. Since the show is only on its second season, it’s not too late to make it a new scary favorite.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” airs Sundays on Starz at 6.