The best costumes from Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat is a long-standing tradition in Fort Collins and is celebrated by the entire community. Those who participate dress up in a variety of costumes and bike around town while enjoying beers from New Belgium Brewery. Those who do not participate in the biking and drinking engage in the popular activity of people watching and drinking. And, with the creative costumes displayed by participants, there is plenty to see. Here are some of the best costumes from this year’s Tour de Fat:

Mario Cart


The first group of riders sported costumes from the fan favorite video game “Mario Cart:” James Price dressed as Yoshi; Chris Johnson dressed as Luigi; Joe Ashbee was Bowser; David Himmelein came as Mario; Mellisa Summers dressed as Toad; and Jason Berry and Kelley James came as Wario and Lakitu. The friends all rode together and looked great doing it.

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


Enchanted Unicorn

The next costume was really more of an art piece. Faith Johnson, Nadia Neff and Sam Cranshaw refurbished a statue of a horse, decorated it as a unicorn and then mounted it onto a cart that was towed by a bike. All of the friends said they participated in the construction of the unicorn, but they all credited Cranshaw with figuring out the logistics. The group spent a total of 100 hours on the project.

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


Bob Ross

Joe Linnehan came dressed as art sensation Bob Ross. He didn’t really have much to say. His only comment was “Happy Trees.”

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


“The Legend of Zelda”

Jon Edicola and Amy Van Hove came as Link from the video game “ The Legend of Zelda.” They said this was their first Tour de Fat, and they were very happy with the experience.


Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


“The Incredibles”

The Devine family came as the beloved family of super heroes from the movie “The Incredibles.” The family all wore the iconic costume. They all looked great as crime fighters.

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Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


Robin and Poison Ivy


Tanner Lanndon and Lilly Bolduc came as Robin and Poison Ivy from Batman. Lanndon explained that he was not just any Robin though. He specifically dressed as Dick Greyson’s Robin. Bolduc came as Poison Ivy. Although she has lived in Fort Collins for five year, Bolduc said this was her first time actually participating in Tour de Fat.

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey



Sisters Nichole and Michelle Kahle and their friends Megan McGinn and Michelle Arnold all dressed as poke-balls. They were excited to be featured as one of the best dressed groups at Tour de Fat. One of them commented, “at least someone appreciates it” when talking about their costumes.

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Teachers Dylan Ford and Mason Magagana decided to go for a more political route, riding as controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Ford commented, “Make Tour de Fat great again,” and Mason Magagana said, “Just not trump, anyone but Trump.”

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey


“Alice and Wonderland”

Emmy Cochran and friends Shaun Harrington and Lizzy Harrington came as Alice, The Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat from the “Alice and Wonderland” movie. They said they have been coming to Tour de Fat for eight years in a row, and this year, they won the dance competition.

Photo credit: Stephen Mackey