The Velveteers perform “stoner rock” at Hodi’s Half Note

Boulder-based band The Velveteers performed at Hodi’s Half Note Saturday, Aug. 27, and it was a night to remember.


As a hip-hop fanatic, I was surprisingly very entertained by the show. Typically, I don’t prefer heavy rock music, but I definitely caught The Velveteers’ vibe.

Considering The Velveteers’ rising hype, especially in Colorado, I was surprised to see such a small turnout. But despite the size of the crowd, The Velveteers played a variety of fan-favorites during their show, including “Mirror” and “Sun-Face.” The electrifying sound lit up the entire venue.

Demi Demitro of The Velveteers performs at Hodi's Half Note.
Demi Demitro of The Velveteers engages the crowd at Hodi's Half Note. Photo credit: Khalil Perkins

The Velveteers are classified as a heavy rock band, although lead guitarist and vocalist Demi Demitro, who sang with the passion of Tina Turner, referred to the band’s genre as “stoner music.”

The Velveteers’ stage presence was a little confusing. When they first arrived on stage, they didn’t really say anything. They went right into their set list without talking to the audience, but I engaged in jamming out with some of the other concertgoers despite this setback.

Listening to the concert, I really got this sort of classic rock feel, which made more sense when Demitro disclosed that they are heavily inspired by early rock.

“We’re really into having heavy guitar riffs, but then having very soft and meaningful lyrics as well,” Demitro said.

The Velveteers perform to a small, yet energized crowd at Hodi's Half Note.
The Velveteers perform to a small, yet energized crowd at Hodi's Half Note. Photo credit: Khalil Perkins

After leaving the stage at the end of their set list, The Velveteers came back on to perform one last song for the audience. As the concert officially ended, I was happy with my decision to try out the heavy rock music scene.

The Velveteers proved to be very passionate about their art.

Although they did not have an engaging stage presence between songs, The Velveteers were charismatic while they performed. And, I found it interesting to see the band interacting with the concert attendees after the show ended.

The Velveteers’ show at Hodi’s Half Note was my very first heavy rock concert, and I was pleasantly surprised afterward to see that my ears weren’t bleeding. In fact, I found myself wanting more.