Roastin’ with Rick: Blue Dream Sugar wax

Rick Cookson

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


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This Week's Roastin' with Rick features Organic Alternatives' Blue Dream Sugar Wax dabbed out of Kind Creations' Egg oil rig using a domeless quartz banger bucket. Because this Friday was 710 — July 10— which is basically national oil day (710 upside down resembles the word, 'oil'), Rick decided to review another wax for the second time in a row. (Photo credit: Rick Cookson)
This Week’s Roastin’ with Rick features Organic Alternatives’ Blue Dream Sugar wax was dabbed out of Kind Creations’ Fab Egg oil rig using a dome-less quartz banger bucket. Because July 10 was Dab Day, Rick decided to review another wax. (Photo credit: Rick Cookson)

In honor of July 10, or as we in the marijuana community like to say, “710,” I decided the best product to review this week would be another concentrate. For those who don’t know, 710 is basically the new and improved version of 420 — if you write “710,” then flip it upside-down, you get the word “oil.” In the words of a 2012 High Times article, July 10 is now known as “Dab Day,” and is rightfully celebrated across the nation.

I went into Organic Alternatives, located at 346 E. Mountain Ave., and while perusing the concentrates section, I came across a name that sounded sweeter than apple pie — Blue Dream Sugar wax. The THC level in the one gram of sativa-dominant hybrid wax was at 70.95 percent and cost a total of $55.70.

The name of the wax is a perfect combination of the flower-strain’s name Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid born from cross-breeding Blueberry indica and sativa Haze and the wax’s texture. When squeezed in between the fingers, the wax utterly breaks apart into a moist, sandy and wax-like texture.

To be honest, I even tasted a little bit of the wax — it has the word sugar in it, so I just had to see what it was like. To no surprise, it was incredible sweet and had an amazing and indistinguishable berry flavor. I do have to say, the texture was a little odd to feel in my mouth — like soft candle wax infused with a fine sand — but it was totally worth it.

The smell isn’t too powerful, but it certainly has a lot going on once a good sniff is procured — many different fragrances amalgamate and produce one heck of a scent. There’s an over-hanging smell of fresh vegetation and skunkiness, but it doesn’t overtake the sweet, berry-like scent. It also has a relatively evident lemon aroma that bursts in and out of my perception depending on when and how I smelt it.

With its shiny, orange and yellow color, Organic Alternatives' Blue Dream Sugar wax has a THC level of 70.95 percent and costs a total of $55.70. (photo credit: Rick Cookson)
With its shiny orange and yellow color, Organic Alternatives’ Blue Dream Sugar wax has a THC level of 70.95 percent and costs a total of $55.70. (Photo credit: Rick Cookson)

Under the right light, this wax holds a dark orange color with little specs of THC crystals shimmering — it almost looks like the Tanzanian mineral orange kyanite.

To consume the Blue Dream Sugar wax, I used one of Kind Creations‘ Fab Eggs with a dome-less quartz banger bucket. I thought taking dabs out of Kind Creations’ Triple-Stack oil drum was smooth, but this piece may even top that. The whole rig is basically one giant percolator and when the water levels are just right, taking drags from it and inhaling are an effortless excursion.

Before I dive into what it was like to dab the Blue Dream Sugar wax, for the sake of my readers and viewers, I have to write a little bit of a warning. The Blue Dream Sugar wax is not only a very powerful marijuana product, but it is a pretty darn powerful concentrate too. I would recommend legal, first-time marijuana consumers to avoid this product, but for those seasoned legal oil-men, I would recommend checking it out as soon as possible.

The flavor from this wax is unequaled — the moment I inhaled after the wax hit the bucket, I tasted this unforgettable, sweet blueberry taste. I almost didn’t believe it — it was so full, so well-defined and so entirely sweet. I exhaled as slowly as possible in order to cherish the rapturous euphoria incited simply by the flavor.


The effects took hold of me almost instantly — the come-up from a dab is quick enough, but with a wax that has such a high THC content, it’s even quicker. After exhaling, a short coughing spree ensued, which was less than pleasant, but wasn’t too painful. After I finished coughing, the effects were obviously perceptible to me.

The high was composed mainly of a euphoric happiness that not only gave me an uplifting, fun giddiness, but also a feeling that I can only explain as a pleasurable relaxed nonchalance.

There were slight moments of moderate anxiety, but they passed almost as subtly as they became apparent. Along with the inconsistent spurts of slight anxiety were small moments of relative paranoia. Nothing too uncomfortable, but I feel like if there is even slight elements of anxiety and paranoia, it’s good to take note of.

My final verdict for Organic Alternatives’ Blue Dream Sugar wax? I’m going with 8 concentrated leaves out of ten (see what I did there?). The flavor was great, it was visually appealing, the smell was bliss and the high was mostly amazing, but the slight elements of anxiety and paranoia were just obvious enough to me that I have to dock the Blue Dream Sugar wax at least a couple points.

This column is sponsored by Kind Creations.

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