Roastin’ with Rick: San Fernando Valley O.G.

Rick Cookson

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.


Edited by Rick Cookson

For the first Roastin’ since last semester — in this cold, cold weather — I decided to review the indica-dominant hybrid San Fernando Valley O.G. (SFNVOG) — with a THC level of nearly 27 percent — from Organic Alternatives. Whilst the snow fell outside, I cozied-up with this precious bud to stay warm and give it a solid review.

Kind Creations' showerhead tube bong stands on top of Kind Creations' non-stick mat next to a few buds of San Fernando Valley O.G. (Photo by Neall Denman)
Kind Creations’ $290showerhead tube bong stands on top of Kind Creations’ non-stick mat next to a few buds of San Fernando Valley O.G. (Photo by Neall Denman)

Glancing at the SFNVOG buds, I wasn’t very impressed with their appearance. The buds were pretty small, and their color (mostly light green vegetation with sparse, small, light orange hairs) didn’t really pop out to me. Although there was a good amount of THC crystals coating the outside, it wasn’t enough to aid the buds’ look — yet, the buds did produce a good amount of keef after grinding them. What did pop out to me was the scent; not only was it powerfully pungent, but it also held a decent balance of pine and citrus (primarily a lemon hint). It wasn’t a sweet citrus scent, but it was still enticing.

I think the best aspect, aside from the scent, was the buds’ texture and consistency. Grinding it by hand was a breeze, and even with a good amount of keef throughout the bud, not a ton of the THC residue accumulated on my fingers.

After grinding, I loaded the bowl to Kind Creations’ showerhead tube bong and lit up. There’s not a whole lot better than taking a good long rip from a decently-sized bong, especially when that bong is this one. As the showerhead did its job, the long tube allowed for the smoke to cool-off before inhaling.

At this point, two things became clear to me: first, I like this bong (it’s hard to dislike a bong, but there are crummy ones out there); secondly, I don’t like the flavor of this strain.

The flavor is just odd, I don’t know. Somewhat jarring if you’re actually paying attention to it. The smell comes through in the taste strongly, and it makes for a sour lemon flavor with just a bit of bitterness. The smokiness off burning also didn’t help and exacerbated the bitter tinge.

San Fernando Valley O.G. has a THC level of 27 percent. (Photo by Neall Denman)
San Fernando Valley O.G. has a THC level of 27 percent. (Photo by Neall Denman)

After noting the smell, I sat back and analyzed what was a very interesting buzz. The effects became evident slowly, and did so at odd intervals. The heady effects came on first, followed by a strong but not debilitating, body high. I retained a good amount of energy, while also feeling a deep relaxation within my body, but my memory and attention span were out the window. Conversations were brief and were about as intellectually stimulating as watching paint dry.

On that note, I’ll end this first review of the semester by giving Organic Alternatives’ San Fernando Valley O.G. six leaves out of 10. Not the best strain I’ve consumed, but definitely not the worst; I probably wouldn’t get it again, but that’s just me.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for my next review online at or in the Collegian Thursday, Feb. 18.


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