Roastin’ with Rick: Jack Flash

Rick Cookson

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Back in June, I began looking for the perfect hybrid strain — reviewing the Mamasan hybrid, then Golden Goat — and I settled on the Golden Goat as the superior hybrid. Well, in this week’s Roastin’ with Rick I reviewed a hybrid that gives Golden Goat a run for its money: Jack Flash.

This week's Roastin' with Rick features the almost perfectly-balanced hybrid strain, Jack Flash, smoked out of Kind Creations' 12-arm inline showerhead. (Photo by: Neall Denman)
This week’s Roastin’ with Rick features the almost perfectly-balanced hybrid strain, Jack Flash, smoked out of Kind Creations’ 12-arm inline showerhead. (Photo by: Neall Denman)

The eighth of Jack Flash that I got from Organic Alternatives had a THC percentage of 20.25 percent with a sativa/indica ratio of 55:45. Having similar qualities to the Golden Goat, I had some pretty high standards going into it.

I first noticed the dark orange and red hairs poking out from the bud’s overall light green and purple color. Adding to the appearance was all the keef coating the ins and outs of each bud. 

The smell was very strong; although it was somewhat skunky, the lemon-citrus scent came through in a more powerful way. I would have to say that the balance between the two scents is a pretty good blend.

With a good solid crunch, grinding this bud was no job for my hands. Even the smaller buds were super dense; they were like little rocks of marijuana.

I smoked the bud out of Kind Creations‘ 12-arm inline showerhead; once again, another great, unique piece that gave smooth, clean hits every time. Unfortunately, the double percolators were no match for the brutal harshness I got from smoking.

It definitely wasn’t the harshest strain I’ve tried, but it definitely has a spot at the top of the list. When I was able to stop coughing and get a good sense of the flavor, I could taste a light tinge of lemon with a slight nutty-pine to it. The flavor was nothing special, but it was a delightful before the coughing sprees began.

The come up was pretty swift, and before I knew it, I had a pretty strong head-high going on. Slowly but surely, I began to notice a good, light body-high that balanced out the head-high, and I found it to be a pretty fun buzz.

(Photo by: Neall Denman)
(Photo by: Neall Denman)

I’d like to say that I got a strain to match the gloriousness of Golden Goat, but I really can’t. In the end, I have to give Jack Flash a 7.5 leaves out of ten. It’s not a bad strain, but I can’t say that it’s a great one either. If the smoke hadn’t been so harsh, maybe things would’ve gone a different way.


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